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A message from Mrs Foster

Happy Monday Everyone,

I hope you have all had a good weekend and that those of you at home are beginning to feel better. As we have a number of children isolating this week I have attached some home learning activities that you could complete with your child to make sure they aren't missing out. I hope you have fun learning together!


Date and Time
Each morning we start our day by singing our days of the week song and working out the date.
This week get your child to sing the song to you and use a calendar to help them count on each day and read the new date.
Ask them to use their clock to make some O'clock times as you move through the day or read an O'clock time on a real watch or clock.

Wake and Shake


  • Each day we join in with a couple of wake and shake songs to get our bodies and brains moving. Try to build in some movement breaks throughout the day and have a go at the suggestions below.
  • Do the Yeti- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwgbXouN3R0
  • The Freeze GameJust Dance Kids 2014 The Freeze Game - YouTube


Funky Fingers


Reading and Phonics

  • Spend 10 mins a day reading with your child. Use the reading pack in their book bag to practice blending and letter sound recognition. There are lots of suitable eBooks available on ‘Oxford Owl’ (ages 4-5) that you can share together including some of the Read Write Inc books that we have been using in school.
  • https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/ 
  • You will need to create a log in before gaining free access to a large selection of books.
  • Make time to share a special book together or find a book with a winter theme from the list on the 'Learning in Reception' page.
  • Play a Fred talk game- Focus on Fred's clothes and sound talk some words for your child to guess what Fred is wearing to go out in winter e.g. scarf s-c-ar-f; hat h-a-t; coat c-oa-t; socks s-o-ck-s; boots b-oo-t-s; dress d-r-e-ss; skirt s-k-ir-t
  • Go through the flash cards or speed sounds chart in your child's book bag. Choose a sound that they are having difficulty remembering and practice it together- watch the speed sounds parent information video on the Oxford Owl website to help youParent video: Sound blending - YouTube
  • Practice letter formation by printing out the RWI speed sounds practice sheets on the Oxford Owl website. This week we are focusing on the following letters. Monday- g, Tues-o, Wed-c, Thurs- k, Fri- u 
  • ps://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/reading/reading-schemes-oxford-levels/read-write-inc-phonics-guide/ 
  • Make and read words on the monster machine in their reading pack.
  • Have a go at this Match cards phonics game which helps your child to practice their blending. Read the words in the box and then drag the matching picture card onto it. Please support as necessary.
  • Match Cards (Phase 2) - Online Phonics Game (phonicsbloom.com).
  • At school we follow the White Rose scheme of learning. Watch the short daily videos together (the last 5 videos in Alive in 5)at Home Learning | White Rose Maths and have a go at the related activities.  
  • Watch a Number blocks episode
  • Or try one of the activities below.


Our current topic is:  Winter Wonderland

Choose from one of these activities each day this week:

1) Winter walk

Go on a Winter walk with your child. Talk to them about what they think it's going to be like outside and what kind of clothing they will need to wear. Use the attached spotter guides to look together for signs of Winter and if you can, take some photos of the things that you see. Take a carrier bag or tub with you and collect some small natural things that you see e.g. twigs, different types of leaves, feathers, acorns etc you will need them for the ice ornament task.

Afterwards make a warm drink  (maybe a hot chocolate) and snuggle together for a story or watch a wintery programme such as 


2) Watch the What is winter? video or look at the snow themed pictures below

Watch the video and talk with your child about what they have seen. What do they like to do in Winter? Winter wonderland - YouTube

Look at the pictures and talk about them together- Has your child done any of these activities? Which ones would they like to do and why? How do they think it would feel?

3) Make an ice ornament

4) Have a go at this ice experiment

5) Create a wintery picture.

Make it from anything you like. Maybe you could draw it, paint, collage or print it?

6) Learn how to sign the word Winter  Singing Hands: Christmas Countdown - Dec 21st - WINTER in Makaton Sign Language - YouTube

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