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Our Teachers

Miss Pollard

Reception Teacher (Mon-Wed)

Subject Lead - Geography

Mrs Richards

Reception Teacher (Thurs & Fri)

Subject Lead - Design Technology
Well-being Champion

Mrs Cooper

Year 1 Teacher (Mon - Wed)

Assistant Head of School
Subject Lead - English (Writing)

Mrs Ashdown

Year 1 Teacher (Thurs-Fri)

Mrs Hockley

Year 2 Teacher

Subject Lead - PSHE

Miss Farnell

Year 3 Teacher

Subject Lead - English (Reading) and RE

Mrs Jenkin

Year 4 Teacher (Mon-Thu)

Subject Lead - Science/STEM

Mrs Goldsmith

Year 4 Teacher (Thu-Fri)

Subject Lead - Music and Art/Design

Mr Rapson

Year 5 Teacher

Subject Lead - PE

Mr Perry

Year 6 Teacher

Subject Lead - Maths, Computing and MFL

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