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The School Council

Welcome to our School Council.

The purpose of our School Council is:

  • So adults don't make all of the decisions in school
  • So the children have a say in what happens in school
  • So every child has a chance to have their say
  • To make the school a better place
  • To raise money for good causes
  • To listen and to share ideas


Council Membership

Membership is made up of 14 pupils (one boy and one girl from each class and two Year 6 mentors for Reception Class). 


Pupils putting themselves forward for nomination produce, then the children write a election speech/manifesto to read to their class. Then are elected by the way of a class vote.


  • Council Members - attend meetings, take part in council discussions and feedback to their classes.
  • Officers - lead meetings, ensure all members are heard, take minutes and deliver minutes to members.
  • Staff - organise date and times of meeting, oversee meetings and liaise between school council and teaching staff.


Meeting are held once a month, at lunchtime in the library. There must be a minimum of eight members in attendance for the council to make a decision about spending money. Decisions will be made by majority vote.

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